Augmented and Virtual Reality

Engaging and interactive app experiences that take immersion to the next level

What we do

Immersive, Interactive & imaginative experiences are the new game changers in today’s global world. Although augmented and virtual reality were merely science fiction in the past, these technologies are rapidly becoming mainstream for a host of business applications today. Journey Technologies brings to the table great experience in several platforms and devices. Our engineers have built service, training and marketing solutions for multiple industries – from transportation to manufacturing and smart homes.

Augmented Reality

Immersive experiences that augment real world objects with perceptual information


Virtual Reality

Interactive immersive experiences within a simulated environment


Mixed Reality

Interactions between real and virtual objects – enabling real-time immersive experiences



Interactions involving the human sense of touch

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Our Esteemed Clients

Create Genuine Immersive AR/VR Experiences with Journey Technologies.

Computer Vision

  • 3d Asset Visualization
  • Image Positional Tracking
  • Plane Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • State Analysis

AR/VR Development

  • Frontend & Backend Development
  • 3d Space Interaction
  • Particle Effect And Model Animations
  • Physics-based Interactions
  • AI Personas For NPC Characters

3D Modeling & Animation

  • Photorealistic Renderings And Stylized Designs
  • CGI Modeling
  • 3d UX
  • 3d Prototyping
  • Capture And Edit 360 Videoframing & Pros In 4K

Industries We Work With

Here, We make almost every genre of applications. You name it and we build it.

Retail, Ecommerce

Education & e-learning

Healthcare & Fitness

Logistics & Distribution

Social Networking

Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant

On-Demand Solutions



We Work With All The Latest Ar Technologies